Day 4 of my internship

I had an amazing day today. It started out researching and learning about the Mitchell database software. I found the Mitchell Technical support website had some frequently asked questions, but nothing related to our issue we are trying to solve. This particular autoshop in Bellingham is using Michell software occasionally is not saving some of their entries especially in the middle of the afternoon. Restarting the main computer (not a server) helps the problem, but inconsistently. We have ruled out any interference issues, cable issues and switch issues (switch is not manageable). So, we are thinking it is something to do with the database or protocol being used. Currently, it is set with named pipes as primary protocol and TCP/IP as a default protocol.Performance for both are comparable. Named pipes can be a better choice when network speed is not the issue, as it offers more functionality, ease of use, and configuration options. TCP/IP are more streamlined and have less overhead which can be very beneficial in a slow network. I will let you know as soon as this gets resolved.


Next, all of the LinuxFest network team and I were invited By Will Ashinhurst to tour his internship at CSS and eat pizza (Mmmm pizza!). There were many different companies getting their internet through fiber cables at CSS. I really appreciate Scott, the network manager, for giving us a guided tour. He did an awesome job describing what everything was and answered all of our questions.

After the tour I was asked to go to one of Bellingham’s favorite golf course and fix a monitor that was having a resolution issue on one of their POS’s monitor. It was interesting that the person behind the counter let me go back there and log onto their computer without knowing who I was and I of course did not have a name tag or anything. However, they did expect someone named Tracy (he asked me to go). This is Bellingham where people trust each other, right?. Lucky I am a honest and trust worthy person.At first, I could not solve their monitor issue just by selecting any ol setting. What I did next was go into the other POS’s settings and copied that resolution setting onto the other computer and it finally worked. There was no more error message after the change. So, the lesson I learned from this was that both POS systems have to have a specific display resolution settings. What is pictured below is the wrong settings. The correct setting was 1280 x 1024.


I returned to the office where I helped Samuel solve a network speed issue at the office. The network speed was really slow and the office manager asked us to improve the speed so he can have Gbit speed again. It was first thought the AP device was the problem, but after replacing it the network speed did not improve. My experience from the LinuxFest helped diagnose the issue. It was a bad port, which had a blinking amber light. Solving this issue was simply moving the WiFi cable from the bad port to a known good port. This solved the speed issue.

Below is Samuel who I helped solve the network speed issue.


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