Day 7 of my internship


Step 2 of the Windows Server 2012 r2 Essentials migration complete.

Step 1 we signed in as domain administrator which was not correct as we figured out we could not complete our migration. When we logged in as a local administrator we were able  add the ADDS and DNS roles and then connect. Once logged in as a local admin, we were able to complete the migration. Now we are waiting for replication to happen. They said 48 hours is a good time for replication to complete. We will see on Monday if anyone calls in with issues.

Before I knew what was happening, they sprung answering the phone for them. It was all a blur. They stated, all I needed to do was write down the date/time, write down their name, write down their phone number, write down what the problem or issue or take a message, then send a message through the Slack app or transfer the call by pushing the right arrow, then push the third button on the row to forward the call, then enter the three digit number that connects to that tech person. Only if I can remember all that. I did that for an hour with only 2 calls. I believe I survived.

It’s Friday, time to have the weekend off. Oh no, I have an assignment I have to do. I guess no time off for me.

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