9th day of my internship


Today I was assigned to wipe a box of hard disk drives (HDD) that are planned to be destroyed. There are a total of 18 HDD’s that will take about 38 hours each to complete. You would think they were trying to keep me busy or something. Here is a link that discusses why the process takes so long. I also needed to understand HIPAA compliance since a few disks have medical data on them. Here is a link to that information.box of HDDs

I wanted to run the DNAB program from the USB drive that I made yesterday (here is a link to guide you how I did that) however, it did not go as planned. My first problem was the computer I was using was not the computer I was really using. Tech Help’s workstation has a device that you can select which computer you would want to use while using the same monitor (see picture below). I selected the 3rd button which was the computer I wanted to use.switchpanel

My second problem, I couldn’t boot from my USB device because the file system I upload to it was a NTFS file system. I reformatted my USB device to FAT32 with Universal USB Installer that worked and it booted right up. Here is a link to that information.dban image



Now the wiping starts……DBAN process1

Two hours later…..DBAN process2

Three hours later…..

If you could bring your attention to the upper right of the screen you will see the remaining time.


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