11th day of my internship

Yesterday I said I would take on a project to disassemble a HP Pavilion G6 laptop. Here it goes. Wish me luck.

laptop1 Start with unscrewing the cover plate and take out the battery and hard disk drive. Then unscrew 9 screws including the one under the rubber stopper.


Carefully with even pressure remove the memory card out from the slot and wires to the WiFi card.


The DVD drive slides out with ease.


Carefully remove the keyboard without breaking the ? key. Opps! The secret is the 5 tiny tabs at the top of the keyboard that you push known and carefully pry the keyboard from the top and then slide out the bottom. You will notice some clicks while prying. If you are lucky you will not break any keys with the tool you are using.


The keyboard has been successfully removed.Then disconnect the 3 white flat connectors and the 8 screws.


The top cover has been removed and turned upside down.


This is the view after cover has been removed.


Unscrew the 3 screws on this part and slide out from connector.


These 2 USB plug ins remove easily.


Carefully pull out the WiFi wires through this hole.


This plug removes easily.


This removes with ease.

Not pictured is the removal of the motherboard which you simply remove 4 screws and it slides right out. Note that the SATA drive connector will unplug or fall out from under the motherboard.


Now disassembling the screen or monitor. There are 2 screws left and right of the hinges. They are hidden under a black colored adhesive that looks like the black plastic. Now carefully with your fingers pry the plastic cover off.


Remove the 2 metal clips and unscrew the hinges from the frame. Then unhook the white wire.


Unscrew 4 screws from the side of the frame. Now remove the screen from the back plate.


Here is a picture of all the parts. Now I need reassemble it. Oh man, what did I do?


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