13th day of my internship

Today is pulling cable day. I was asked to help Eli, an employee of Tech Help and graduate from the BTC CNET program. He and I went to the new office to run ethernet CAT5e cable from the network closet to the future offices for their tech staff. We ran twelve 90 ft cables using that very tall ladder in this picture.


The first 90 ft CAT5e cable going up. See that reddish beam? We are going four ft higher.


All twelve cables have been ran from this wall behind me up what will be a transfer pole, hook to the right near the ceiling to the network closet. I not sure exactly, but I believe it was at least seventeen feet high.


Here is another view of the cables running to the network closet.


Here is the view from the kitchen area.


Now finally down into the network closet.


Behind the cables is where these cable will be patched into, a patch panel. The patch panel will be enclosed in a closet by itself.


This is the beginning of new office space construction. There are new walls being put up, new carpet and as soon as the drywall mud dries paint will be next. It’s going to be a nice office.

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