16th day of my internship

This is the 3rd day pulling cable. By the end of today, we completed pulling cables inside each wall of the 4 offices and pulled 16 more to the other end of the office which includes 6 cables to the 3 work benches and 10 for something I don’t remember. Here is a diagram of the network that is currently configured. TechHelpNetwork

Before I started pulling cables, I continued working on the Raspberry Pi issues. It was very helpful to diagnose some of these issues by having a known working Raspberry Pi. Having a second one I could swap parts and figure out what’s working and what’s not. For example the mini SD card that came with the Raspberry Pi was defective. By plugging it into the known good device I was able to know for sure the mini SD card was defective. The picture below is the defective mini SD card that I didn’t want to mix up with the good one so, I marked it with a pen. I hope to return it for a working mini SD card.


The good mini SD card I had also had a problem being 100% full, as you saw from my previous post. I discovered it had 2 partitions. That’s why it read 3.8GB. I simply deleted the 2nd partition and now I have 7.7GB. Yay!

more storage

After I deleted the 2nd partition there was disk space available. Now I can format it. To format it I have to put the mini SD card into a card reader. Then insert it into my laptop which it conveniently has a card read port on the side .


Installing SDFormatter so I can format the mini SD card.


Now I can format using SDFormatter.Below is the setup window.


Now installing the New Out Of The Box Software (NOOBS). NOOBS is the way to setup a Raspberry Pi for the first time


Installing NOOBS in progress.


Splash screen you will see while it installs.

NOOBS loading screenshot.jpg

Another splash screen.

NOOBS screen shot 2.jpg

Here is a YouTube video that I used that will illustrate how to install NOOBS using several OS.

more progress to show later….


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