17th day of my internship

This morning I continued with the Raspberry Pi project. I left off with the NOOBS being installed. It installed successfully and now you can see I have a Raspberry Pi graphical (GUI) desktop. The following pictures is the boot sequence.

RaspberryPi 1.jpg

RaspberryPi 2.jpg

RaspberryPI 3.jpg

RaspberryPi 4

Finally, a successful operating Raspberry Pi. Now, to turn this tiny device into a digital sign that rotates pictures from the client’s Google Docs folder (website). All the device has to do is display the photos in the doc folder and rotate through them. After it is complete the client can change the photos at anytime while the Raspberry Pi continues to do its job. The picture below is an attempt to try to do that.Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

RaspberryPi 5

After my failed attempt, I was notified the electrical inspector is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. He’s going to inspect the new office’s electrical system which includes our network cables. So, we need to hurry up and finish pulling the rest of the cables, attach the cables to the wall ports and neaten up the wires so, they don’t look messy. I must admit, I am getting plenty of exercise going up and down ladders and lifting them. Even though I am tired, I am having lots of fun.

Add a plate here. Did you notice the new paint?

portplates 1

Add a plate here

portplates 2.jpg

Add a plate here. Do you like the color? It’s called Shadow.

portplates 3

Here I need to put in a 4 port plate. However, the blue cables are going to continue through while the white cables will be plugged into the ports.

portplates 4

Here is an example of a messy cable. For some reason someone was using a Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC) connector. I took care of it by removing it.

portplates 5

Another example of cables that needed to be cleaned up. Rolled up cables are not allowed.

messycable 1.jpg

This big pile of cable is our twelve cable waiting for the pole to hide them in to arrive.

messycable 2.jpg


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