19th day of my internship

Here is the giant of all computers. It’s a  Cooler Master CM Stacker

Look at the size of this monster! 22.8 x 9.8 x 23.8 in


This server has 5 HDDs, 2 optical drives, and a 3.5in floppy drive and it sits on casters for you to push around.

It weighs almost 30 lbs!    giphy


It was brought in to diagnosis the problem. The client says it stopped working after he did updates. Well, I believe it’s more serious than that. It can’t boot up.

CoolMaster 1

I believe it’s time to do a clean re-installation of Windows Server 2011. That’s right 2011. Who uses 2011? People at home or small businesses did. If they wanted to store daily backups of all network PCs then this is one way to do it. This device was commonly used before the Cloud was popular. Other uses are:

  • Streaming of media files across your network

  • Remote, online access to files and home-based PCs

  • Extendable with add-ins and third-party apps

  • Easy, centralized PC maintenance and secure access to files across your home network

CoolMaster 2

Another problem with this machine has two optical drives that did not physically work. So, to re-install Windows 2011 we used an external DVD drive.

CoolMaster 3

The installation continues….

CoolMaster 4

Everything was working great after installing the important drivers and updates.

During the installation process I found a link to someone’s modification of one of these machines.


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