20th day of my internship

This is a Dell Inspiron 660s Desktop,  a super small Windows 7 desktop that is about 10 inches tall. It was brought in because the client is complaining it intermittently shuts down by itself especially at night. Some of the online forums indicate it could be a software or hardware issue. One forum stated it may be a incompatibility with certain Adobe downloads. What we decided to do is do was do a clean Windows 7 Pro installation including all new Dell drivers and Windows updates onto a new HDD.

Windows 7 Professional edition installed


Driver and Windows updates are being installed


Here is a cool tool to that we used that is pictured below. It’s a Ethernet to USB adapter that has the ability to connect to the internet without any network drivers on the computer. This device will save me time so I don’t have to download the network drivers onto a flash drive and then upload it on the newly installed computer.Dell 5 Anker

I included a video that describes the adapter in detail.

At the end of the day this computer it was returned to the client without any symptoms of shutting down. If the computer shuts down unexpectedly again the plan is to order a new computer.

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