21st day of my internship

Today was a site visit at a local hotel to install a Ubiquiti network, a high-performance routing and advanced security WiFi network. The UniFi Security Gateway that extends the reach of the UniFi Enterprise System to route, secure and manage the network for optimal performance and reliability from the convenience of any device connected to the internet. Since cables were already installed by the owner, all we had to do was install 9 access points, 1 managed switch, and gateway/firewall.Unifi 1

Here are examples of 2 of the access points were are going to install today.

Unifi 2

Here is the switch we are going to install.

Unifi switch

Before going to the site, we configured the EdgeSwitch 24 port managed PoE+ gigabit switch with 2 VLANs. The corporation VLAN will be configured with an IP range of 10.11.15 – 254 /24 and the guest VLAN with the IP range of 192.168.6- 254 /24. The 24v PoE+ will power the 9 access points and the Cloud key, a fully integrated, stand-alone UniFi controller hardware remote. This tiny device allows you to manage this network from any computer, tablet or smart phone that has internet access.

Now, everything has been configured and functioning as needed. Time to go to the hotel and install all of this.

Unifi switch 2

This is the hotel’s network closet located in the laundry room screwed into the wall. Not the best location and not very tidy.

Here is after the new switch has been installed.

hotelnetwork 3

Next is out with the 9 old access points and in with the new.


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