22nd day of my internship

Today is bring your broken laptop in day. Below is a ToughBook laptop that a cliet complained after he did an Windows XP update it stopped working.

Here is a cool feature unique to the ToughBook.

toughbook 6

After looking at the event viewer I see many log errors.

toughbook 7

I decided to revert back to a previous state.

toughbook 8

After reverting back. Problem solved. Now we need to educate the client not to do any more updates. Since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP there are no more new updates available.

toughtbook 5

The next laptop comes from a local firehouse which they said the “T” key is not working.



I removed the keyboard by removing this strip and two screws. Next slide the keyboard up.


Take a look closer toward the top and middle. Sorry the picture is blurry. You should see a orange capacitor next to the one on the left.I looks like to me a short circuit.


This is on the back of the keyboard. You can see more synging.


After diagnosing this laptop I am sad to say the laptop needs to retire. Before I recycle it I need to remove the HDD and install it into another laptop.

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