The beginning of the projector project.

This picture below is the original projector mount. Unfortunately our new projector will not work on the old mount. So, I have to do some modifications. In addition to a new mount it needs 2 new  HDMI cables, 1 VGA cable.

TechHelpOffice 13

Here are the two new HDMI VGA cables that need to be pulled through the ceiling and down inside the wall.

projector 1

All cables have been pulled through. One of the HDMI is plugged into the sound system.

projector 3

Here is the projector screen that needs to be hung on the wall. Not as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. It took some planning where the picture will look best, two people to dry fit and screw in one side and then the other side while keeping it level

projector 2

The new projector, mount, and cables.

projector 4

The screen needs adjusting for the right height and to the left a little bit. Moving the project makes the picture screwy.

projector 6

After making the physical adjustments you adjust the lens so that the picture is squared.

Network 1

Now this looks like a conference room to hold a meeting or presentation.projector 5


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