How to Reset the Password

User forgot the password

Today’s issue is about a user who cannot remember the password to access a Windows 7 Dell Latitude laptop.

I pulled out the Hiren’s disk and followed these steps:

laptop 3

Step 1: Bring up the boot menu and boot up Hiren BootCD from the DVD/CD.

Hirens BootCD

Step 2: Enter “Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer”

hirens 1

Step 3: Wait for “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor” to Load

hirens 2

Step 4: Choose the Correct Hard Drive Partition

hirens 3

Step 5: Confirm the Windows Registry Path

hirens 4

Step 6: Choose the Password Reset Option

hirens 5

Step 7: Choose the Edit User Data and Passwords Option

hirens 6

Step 8: Enter the Username to Edit

hirens 7

Step 9: Type 1 to Clear (blank) user password and then press ENTER

hirens 8

Step 10: Type ! to quit the User Edit Tool

hirens 9

Step 11: Type q to Quit Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

hirens 10

Step 12: Type y and then press ENTER to confirm Password Reset Changes

hirens 11

Step 13: Confirm That You’re Finished Using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

hirens 12

Step 14: Remove Hiren’s BootCD and Restart the Computer

hirens 13


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