How to save a online video to your computer

youtubeis an example where anyone can watch videos online while connected to the internet. What if you don’t want to be connected to the internet or maybe the internet is intermittent making your video pause multiple times often called buffering? How annoying would that be if you are doing a presentation and your video keeps stopping. Below are steps how to download and watch youtube videos on your computer or on a flash drive without being connected to the internet.

Step 1: Find the video you want to copy and paste it to a video to file converter of your choice. There are many to choose from. There are some that offer lots of options for high quality video to simple ones with less options. Some charge a fee or let you try them out first. There’s a few free ones, but could be low quality video. I did find one that was free, simple and good quality video.


This video converter, was free to use, seemed to have good quality video and was easy to use.

Step 2: Next select .mp4 for video and watch for the upload. Depending which browser you’re using it may be the upper right or lower left.

Step 3: Download the file to your computer and/or flash drive and play it on your favorite video player.


Your .mp4 video file you just uploaded can be played on most video players. I recommend using if you don’t have one.

Now you can play video without any risk of buffering.


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